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Misconceptions Jews Have About Christians

A little understanding goes a long way. Christians may be surprised at the meaning that some of their everyday Christian words and symbols can carry for the average Jewish person.

In this episode of A Jew & A Gentile Discuss, Ezra grills Carly with some common misconceptions Jewish people have about Christians. Throughout the conversation, they reveal some ways Christians may be unknowingly shutting down or offending a Jewish person. When we – on both sides – seek understanding, we can have meaningful conversations with each other.

It’s Carly’s turn to be on the hot seat while Ezra asks her to address many misconceptions, such as:

  • Christians can bless Israel and still believe that Jewish people don’t need the Gospel/Jesus because they have their own way.
  • If a Christian befriends a Jewish person, it’s only to convert them.
  • The image of the cross and what it represents are inherently threatening to a Jewish person
  • Christians worship three gods, whereas Jewish people worship only one
  • The Church is inherently anti-Semitic
  • Christians have their own Bible
  • Christian Zionism sees Jews as pawns on an End-Time chessboard

He also asks Carly to answer a few questions Jewish people have of Christians:

  • Why do Christians want to use Jewish symbols – such as the Star of David, prayer shawls, chanukiahs, and the Israeli flag?
  • What’s the biggest misperception people have of you as a Christian?

They discuss what it means to bless someone and give insight into how Jewish people typically interpret words like “convert,” “cross,” and “become a Christian.” They also bring up tips for engaging in meaningful conversations with Jewish friends and family with sensitivity and a Bible-reading challenge to listeners.

Words you might learn – or gain new insight about – in this episode:

Bless, convert, the cross, Shema, trinity, echad, nations, ethnos, proton, Tanakh, Nevi’im, Ketuvim, New Testament/New Covenant, Christian Zionism, chanukiah

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