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Behind the Scenes of a Messianic Congregation – An Interview with Rabbi Matt Rosenberg | Episode 21

He’s funny. He’s unconventional. He’s Rabbi Matt Rosenberg of “Restoration,” a Messianic fellowship in Seattle, Washington, that seeks to unite Jews and Gentiles into one worship community. 

In this episode of A Jew & A Gentile Discuss, Ezra and Carly talk with Rabbi Matt about Messianic congregations of his parents’ day versus the atypical leadership hes called to. They ask him about: 

  • His own story and background 
  • What drew him to Seattle for ministry 
  • His unique Messianic congregation and why it doesn’t have a Hebrew name 
  • How he honors his parents’ Messianic legacy while doing something so completely different 
  • Confronting a respected pastor of one of the largest evangelical churches in America 
  • Why he’s leading a Messianic congregation rather than a bigger Christian church 
  • Passing on Jewish identity to his children when his wife is not Jewish 
  • Why a Christian should try a Messianic congregation 

Along the way 

During the conversation, you’ll also hear some fascinating insights into: 

  • Settling one’s Jewish identity despite getting hit from both sides – Christian and Jewish – that now that they believe in Jesus, they’re “not Jewish anymore” 
  • Coexisting in a community with people practicing different faith observances 
  • Blowing away stereotypethat many people have about Believers in Jesus 
  • Prioritizing honor, relationship and open dialogue in the midst of disagreement 
  • How the primary question between Jews and Christians has reversed over the last 2,000 years 
  • Matt’s challenging reply to people denying his Jewishness because of his Gentile mother 
  • The important contribution of Messianic Judaism to the larger Body of Messiah 

Words you might learn in this episode 

Mazal Tov, Gentile, replacement theology 

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