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Anti-Semitism Exposed, Why the Hate? | Episode 28


Wait, don’t click away. We know. We know. There are a lot of important “isms” out there, and many are in the news these days. So, why should you give this particular one your attention?  

You might think anti-Semitism isn’t really a problem anymore, post-Holocaust, but hang on a sec. Give a listen, and find out more. You’ll probably hear things you’ve never heard before, plus some powerful insights into how good people can be swayed into unfortunate beliefs. 

In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile DiscussCarly asks Ezra: 

  • The definition of anti-Semitism 
  • Where anti-Semitism stems from 
  • If it still exists today 
  • What the BDS Movement against Israel is 
  • If being anti-Israel is anti-Semitic 
  • Why anti-Semitism is a serious problem 
  • Reasons why a Christian should care about anti-Semitism 
  • What we can do about it 

In turn, Ezra asks Carly to share what she has seen of anti-Semitism, and her answer holds a word of caution for all Believers. 

Along the way 

Along the way, you’ll learn about 

  • Three different definitions of anti-Semitism, from various sources, and the insightful nuances of each  
  • Three contexts of anti-Semitism, one that will probably surprise you 
  • perhaps familiar saying that’s anti-Semitic at its root – and a good reply when you hear it 
  • How a narrative can persuade the masses if it’s simply said long enough and loudly enough 
  • Where anti-Semitic and anti-Israel beliefs diverge and where they can go hand-in-hand 
  • How it’s not anti-Semitic to disagree with an Israeli policy 
  • Biblical examples of anti-Semitism and a challenge to consider its real origin 
  • A victim of horrific anti-Semitism who Ezra met and the shocking response of her local authorities  
  • What you can do about anti-Semitism 
  • An encouragement for if you discover any misconceived notions toward the Jewish people in yourself 

Words you might learn in this episode 

Chutzpah, “The Jewish Problem,” Replacement Theology, BDS 

Scriptures referenced in this episode 

Genesis 3:15, Genesis 17:20–21, Genesis 25:23, Genesis 28:14–15, Malachi 1:2, 2 Timothy 1:10, Hebrews 2:14, Revelation 20:14, Romans 9:10–11 



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