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We’re New Here – Millennial Immigrants to Israel | Episode 50

With special guests Michael and Vanessa Mistretta

What’s it really like to pick up your life and move to Israel? Why would anyone do that? In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly and Ezra talk with Michael and Vanessa Mistretta about how their very different immigration stories have one thing in common: God calling them.

Michael and Vanessa lead FIRM, Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, based in Jerusalem. You’ll hear about:

  • Their upbringings and backstories of how they each decided to immigrate to Israel
  • The process of “making aliyah,” timeframes, and milestones in that journey
  • If Israel can revoke your citizenship after learning you believe in Jesus
  • How different is Israel from North American life
  • Any surprises they experienced after moving there
  • Their thoughts about the future of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel

Along the way

During the fascinating and very personal conversation, you’ll also learn about:

  • Vanessa’s journey from resistance to embracing God’s call to immigrate to Israel
  • Why Michael chose to make his first trip to Israel by backpack rather than a tour
  • How each of their families responded to the idea of them moving to Israel
  • Each of their “this is it” moments when they knew they would make Israel their home
  • The surprise Michael learned about his family heritage after he was already living in Israel
  • Some of the steps and documentation needed to immigrate to Israel
  • God’s hand in their achieving Israeli citizenship
  • A rabbi’s list no one seems to know about
  • Why Israel is opposed to accepting Jewish Believers as immigrants
  • Benefits given to Jewish immigrants that help them get settled
  • How the issue of Jesus is very much a hot button
  • Making peace with obedience when it brings a measure of loss with it
  • Encouragement about the status of Messianic Jews in Israel and the hope for the futur

Words you might learn in this episode

Making aliyah

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